Young man sitting at business counter with payment screen, jewelry and sunglasses; "Industry Horror" sign in background

Joy of Learning and Natural Supports Lead to Success and Promotion in the Workplace

Matthew H. is currently employed through the Paid Internship Program (PIP) as a Sales Associate at Industry Horror, a trendy clothing and retail store in Ventura’s Historic Downtown Cultural District. Matthew started working 12 hours a week for the first month of his employment. With successful job coaching services and supports, he quickly learned all job duties within his first 30 days of employment. Utilizing the Spark Program, Matthew also learned various marketing skills to advertise and promote Industry Horror’s clothing line through social media and at Ventura College, where he is a part-time student. His manager reported to our job developer that Matthew is their top Sales Associate. As such, his weekly work hours have increased to 24 hours a week — which has greatly increased Matthew’s self-confidence.

“I’m so much happier today than a year ago, because I’m now a college student busy learning and working at a place where I am appreciated by my manager. I love my job!” – Matthew H.

Matthew H. was provided pre-employment and on-the-job coaching by The Arc of Ventura County, a recipient of The Arc@Work’s Innovative Approaches to Community-Based Employment grant.